Hawk-Hacker And A Prey-Heart ! ( Part-2)

……tring tring !! A beep in the phone drop the silence of the room. Mia checked , and it was a message from a boy of her new school. Mia’s excitement reached the seventh cloud as , he was the only smart , handsome , and extremely dashing looking guy of her school , Jamie !

Ana came with a glass of juice for Mia. She was completely astonished watching Mia , smiling alone . Out of curiosity , she came up with questions ;

What happened Mia ? Why are you smiling alone ?”

Mia replied ,“Nothing ! Just a boy on hunt !! Trying to create a web around me . I am again and again destroying his plans . Poor soul ! Jamie.

And listening to this , Ana burst out laughing. She just can’t stop herself from laughing hard when Mia is around.  Their friendship is something of a kind. Hard to break. 

“Hey , Ana . Come here. Let me show you a picture of  Jamie on social media. He is not that bad too but a bit dumb I guess.”

“Oh! C’mon Mia. Why are you always this mean to boys.  You should be Lucky you have so many admirers and look at you , you keep on rejecting them. That’s Rude !!”

“Okay , Girl . I am sorry. Now will you come here , please !”

Ana sits next to Mia and they both start looking at Jamie’s pictures. Mia shows each and every picture to Ana , describing Jamie actually. 

“Mia , he is too good.”

“oh! Please. Now you also don’t start admiring him like everyone in the school. I don’t understand , what is so special about him !” 

“Mia , Are You Jealous ?”

“Ana , have you gone mad. I mean , jealous and that too of him. Please God , save her , she has really gone mad !”

Ana laughing , “okay okay , you win , I lose . Now can we move for lunch ?”

While eating , they both just talked about Jamie , Ana was again and again teasing Mia with his name . Mia was telling things about Jamie , to Ana !

You won’t believe Ana , Girls were in a crowd around Jamie. They were not leaving him. His first appearance really took me for a while , but then I was automatically back to my senses.”

“Really Mia ?”  Meanwhile Ana was also a slightly distracted from her food. She , now , really wanted to know Jamie. How he looked , his habits , his interest and actually HIM !

After their lunch with so many gossips , was finally over , they both headed towards Ana’s room. Mia was again in her phone and a bright smile again took over face . It was Jamie’s message , Again !

Ana , Come Come !!!”

Ana shockingly ,“What happened Mia ? Are you okay ?You shouted…….”

“Listen to me , You know Jamie just asked that if he can pick me up for school tomorrow ?Oh my God , this is so awesome , righttt….!!!”

“hehe ! Yes , yes , so what did you say this time . Yes or again a No ?” Ana teased . 

“Ummm….. Yes !” Mia blushing.

“Haha! Hey , Mia , that was not a marriage proposal , right doll ?” Ana teasing Mia. 

“Oh Ana !you wait.”  and Ana and Mia were running and laughing in the entire house. 

As they both were by now , tired of running and teasing each other….Mia came up with an idea. 

hey Ana , why not you and Jamie talk !”

Ana being a reserved kind of girl , was a bit tensed on this idea of talking to someone whom she has not even met and known . 

“You are completely insane , Mia !” not taking Mia Seriously. 

I am serious , Ana ! Okay , I have a plan !”

“What plan ?”

“ We’ll send a friend request to Jamie from your ID and I’ll be talking with Jamie from that. What say ?”

“No Mia. Are u mad ? What will he think ? What will happen, when he’ll get to know the truth. No Mia , you are completely wrong this time.”

“Hey , hey Ana ! Relax . Just few days doll , C’MON ! I’ll also be able to know about him. Is he the same with all or I am special ! Please Ana . For me ?”

“Damn you Mia ! You always take me like this and I can’t say anything .”  Ana angrily replies. 

okay , okay , i promise ! Just few days and that’s it.” 

“Okayyy , fine !” Ana says. Mia kisses Ana on her cheeks and Ana smiles…pushes her away in a friendly and soft way.

Oh you are the best Ana. Let me meet Jamie , I’ll tell him about you.”

“Oh please , no no ! I don’t need this.You just do whatever you want and don’t tell anyone about this, Got it ?”

Okay fine , my Lord ! Got it.”  Mia bowing down in front of Ana in a mocking way . 

Ana calms down and finally they both sit and send Friend request to Jamie from Ana’s ID. Mia jumps over excitedly and Ana is a bit tensed about the future consequences. 

They both were looking at each other and suddenly a beep from Ana’s phone took attention of both the girls. 

“………….Jamie accepted Your Friend Request !”




( To be continued )✌


Hawk-Hacker And A Prey-Heart ! ( Part-1)

Ana Watson  , a girl of 16 , lanky but smart as well. Less speaking and full of dreams . Dreams that are not big but simple . Eyes full of love for everyone , hardly takes out time from her regular reading , writing and praying habits. Scared of people , actually crowd. Doesn’t want “anyone” to hurt her or break her. Busy in her own simple and less crowded life . More of a friendly person , just has few , but according to her , her entire life , revolves around them only. Considers them to be the solution of her every single problem . Moreover , she fantasizes Love , Feelings , Life , but her fear of trusting someone , who will break her feelings , her trust afterwards , makes her more cautious and alert for falling for someone.  

Born in a nuclear family , her mother , Mrs.Jennifer Watson and her father , Mr.Lon Watson , both are working and Ana and her brother , they both rarely interact with each other. Her Brother is happy and satisfied in his own dynamic lifestyle . Since , the family is financially stable , every member is busy doing their jobs and they only meet at night , during the dinner time.  

“So Ana , What Are Your Plans For Tomorrow ? Tomorrow Is Sunday , Right ? And You have So Many Friends Waiting Out There For You ? , Aren’t You Going For The Party ?” Mrs.Watson asked. 

“No mum , I’ll be busy , Mia will be coming home tomorrow. Since , she changed her school and today was her first day in the new modern school so…” Ana explained while eating her only Sandwich for the dinner. 

Ana doesn’t likes to eat. She eats only for her survival. That’s it .

Next morning , Mia , her friend , arrives at her home. Mia is a beautiful girl , long hairs , pretty eyes , more confident than Ana . 

Hey , Ana . What’s up ? How’s you doing ?” Mia felt excited hugging Ana.

“I am good , and how are you , Mia ?” Ana answered. 

“You know what Ana , yesterday was so so amazing , I just can’t tell you. People were so looking at me as if I am the only girl there.” Mia flaunting .

“Haha !! C’mon Mia , You have always been the best. They must be looking at you , no doubt !” Ana with a smile. 

“You don’t Know, Ana . A boy approached me , on my first day only. He was like….will u please be my friend ?”

“ I know Mia , Now , you also should have a habit of these lines , I guess. I mean from boys, right….!”

“Right !” Mia said laughing . 

They both were talking , laughing , giggling all together. Mia was the only friend , Ana could blindly trust on. She was her family , infact !

Later on , Ana went to take juice for Mia , and meanwhile Mia was busy in her phone.

……….(to be continued)✌

A New Story…….

Hello guys ! I know , i was on a longgggg vacation , and , faaarr away from my writing stuff . Basically , I was on a search of something realistic and something that can take anyone to a different imaginary world at the same instant . I know this is a bit tough….i mean how can a thing be both realistic and imginary at the same instant. But i really found something to share with you all. 

I Got a story in which there is a Girl and a boy. They have problems in their life…they try to solve them , but their own people are totally insensitive towards their desires , dreams , passion. 

These two , has a really awkward meeting , but as they met , their friendship grew into an unbreakable bond.

At last…… !!!! Noo…not all at once , right ?😂 



Yeahh ! So here I am with a story which carries some real-life incidents as well as some nebulous moments of these two people . Yes..I am going to post the story in parts , and please i would like to know in each part , your point on the story . 

So , let’s start a new beginning to this !! Hope , you all like it. 

Rude Words!! 😢

Guys ! U all must have heard “Parents forced their child to choose a particular field ” but let me tell you the exact thing what actually happens.
Our parents have big dreams for us. They don’t want us to go through the struggle they went years ago.
This “Love” is actually we call “Our Pressure / Our Force ”. They want us to be “THE BEST OF ALL”. But sometimes they don’t realize their child’s dreams and it becomes more worse , when that child , herself , can’t say anything because she is grabbed by their love , care , affection and more of all , EXPECTATIONS !

Han , hum kisi ke naukar nahi hai , but what if expectations humari khud ki family ki ho ?
Literature , Fashion , people can’t accept them as dreams even. So , considering them as an “earning source” is next to impossible for them .
At last , I would just say , beware guys , try to speak , not against them but TO THEM , about your dreams , about your life , about your way of living it so that you don’t have regrets afterwards. Cuz….REGRETS ARE WORSTS !!



Whispers a Girl’s heart ! ❤

Masked thoughts of our dear Mothers.  

“…..and my mother was not able to sleep .”

Let’s just focus on crying of  each mother on this earth . 

My Mum was not able to sleep yesterday . U might be wondering why am I telling  such a small and silly thing to you . I mean , why am I bothering you . But maybe u won’t believe ,  but this is faced by many , and so i thought to express this on everyone’s behalf.  

Yesterday , when we, both , were just about to sleep , my phone rang . It was of my friend’s father , he use to call me , ask about colleges and what  am I fixed up with , basically to be updated about my particular status at that time. So I , naturally , picked-up the call and answered his questions . Suddenly , the talk went like “ okay , so 17th July will be your last day here , at your home town.” 

My mom was thunderstruck and that very moment she began thinking. I exactly don’t know the thoughts what actually came into her mind , but I knew it was all about me , my future condition , Will I be able to survive or not “an unknown place ;how can i leave her alone” , and many more. After talking , i hung  up the call. I told her , what the talk was actually about and then she came up with her questions: “Tu 17rh ko jane ke baad vahi rhegi ?”(U won’t be coming back after going there on 17th?) , “Fir direct December mea aayegi ?”(Directly December then ?) , “Tu reh legi vaha ?”(Will you be able to survive there alone ?)

At that time , I understood the meaning of the word MAA . And den we slept. At a time , she grabbed my hands , afterwards , facing opposite to each other. And i knew ,  her part was not over at that , she was still thinking in her mind. I am not that capable to guess what exactly she was thinking but all I know was IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME.  

No wonder , why mothers are kept above God . Not that they are meant to be , but they are deserved to be. 

Maybe after that she slept or was still thinking about me. 

I wish i could tell her “Maa , I love you , itna mt socho , or sojao. kuch nh hoga aapki beti ko. ”(Mom, don’t worry much , your daughter is strong enough to handle things , You please relax !I can’t see you like this.) but i was just left with few tears in my closed eyes. 

Every single girl or boy who is away , far away , from their parents , guys , u have someone, who is waiting for you , praying for you , wishing everything that she could only for you. She is your Mother. 

She can’t see anything wrong happening to us. She can fight for anything that we want. She bears everything only for us. Today , i have realized this , and I don’t know what should i do but this really made me understand how difficult this is for a mother to leave her child , to just send her child to an unknown place and not because she doesn’t want to but because she is worried , scared , caring and whattt not…..ONLY FOR ME.

Thank you and LOVE you always , MAA !

Whispers a daughter’s heart !❤

A Final Meet “MAYBE” 👋

Hello peeps ! Today let’s just talk about: “A Final Meet”. 

The topic may differ in meaning to many but here it exactly means last meeting with someone really close. With someone she adores , with someone she cherish. 

Maybe we will never meet again. No , no one is dying for sure !! Just moving ahead on different paths , with different goals in our lives . Maybe we share the same concern , same feeling for each other. One can express , one cannot. 

I haven’t been to that “meet” yet , but just imagining how it is going to be when we two will be in front of each other , facing each other again after so long , earlier there was a hope of meeting again but this time ? Can’t say. 😅

We both will be sharing the same time , the very moment together . Will time stop ?Will I be able to regain my breath after that very magical moment ? Will someone be there , to close my dropping jaw? 

Oh Ghoshh ! How will I handle the moment ? And my subconscious will be like “Hey ! What the hell are you doing all this ? Stop !!!!”

Grabbing my mind , and leaving me blank , absolutely blank. 

Closing my eyes , taking a strong breath , mourning a little , slowly , and coming back to reality ! This is the least , I  can do.

Can this be so mesmerizing ??

Life was  absolutely nothing when he wasn’t there.

Charismatic soul ,  Alluring eyes , fascinating voice and a mesmerizing scent.

Friends , trying to push me ,“Hey , Get up ! Where have u been lost ?”But how to tell them , i was lost in his eyes. 

His scent manages to take me to an imginary place and to get back to reality was becoming impossible , slowly and steadily.

But all of this , though , nebulous , but close to my heart. 

Really hard to get back , as it seems a small thread , kept me holding so stiff , asking me to stay , where the world was not mere a world but a place to hold your each breath and sense it. Listen to them , it says , “ I have totally become a slave of this mesmerizing soul.”

Finally , to get back to reality , opening my eyes , perceived the “scent” that really took me off for a while !   
(Let fiction rule !)


A smile that caught me!☺

What more could u have,                                  If u have such a captivating smile.

Smile , that makes the whole world unreal,  Just to see his soul;Being near!

I wonder, that i could say ,                                It melts my walls in every way.

All I know, All I think ,                                      Is of the radiant smile, that u give.

It light-ups the whole horizon,                      No less , than a diamond.💎

I know this is pretty being nebulous,          But , I can’t stop as it is just so fabulous.



(Pic is of Mr.Shawn Mendes- A very famous Singer , music composer and what not-an Eminent Artist , in short. A driving force for my poem. His SMILE is of worth a million.)❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Whispers a Fan’s heart!❤


“Hey everyone , don’t worry u won’t be considered “Different” here.”
These words spoken when we actually entered the world of Dooms and deaths.
Yes , absolutely they didn’t considered us different but made us feel like we were aliens to THEIR society. Yes , ALIENS.
I,sometimes, pity their mentality that having the same red-blood in our veins , same body organs , and even same brown skin ,  but just with different brains or according to them ,  different brain levels , how can they even conduct oneself towards such an abysmal state that it makes us perceive that we r nothing to this world or should i say THEIR world of their intelligence ?Just because we had different brains , interests or likes ?😟
Having being brought up in such a condition when i used to be the best , best in everything , but after coming to THEIR atrocious range , i completely forgot, what i was earlier and what i have become now. That’s awful , that change is awful.
I didn’t expected my childhood , or the most important part of my life , would just swing away in this manner. I really Didn’t expected ! Those were my lousy , worthless , 2 years actually more than that. Each day they made us feel that we r not capable to THEIR  society. I had to leave my writing , my reading ,  my love towards literature , everything ,which was a part of my life , Just to adjust to their psychology , their needs , their demands and what not ,but every effort of mine , every single effort, went in vain , just in vain.
And all this while i was running like a donkey in a so called “rat-race”. yes , this might sound hilarious to you , but this was a gist of my freaking two years or u may even call it frustration coming out in the form of writing. 😂
I wish I could just straight away kick those fucking years from my life history and give a rewind button to my life. I wish i could start it from the beginning, again ! But I don’t know what are the chances that I’ll go according to them this time?
Maybe this was all written already , and i have nothing to do with it now.But, now, i very well know ,what i have to do n what I’ll be doing with the rest of my life.
Maybe that’s why mum says , whatever happens , happens for a reason ! ✌
Atleast i got a lesson in life ! Thank u to them n THEIR lousy world , i guess !😊

Whispers a girl’s heart.❤

Let me ask God……🙋

Let me ask God…….

Can loving someone be this difficult?

You know u love,


You know u care,


But to know at last,


The situation isn’t fair.

Can talking to someone be this difficult?

You know you will talk,


You know u will laugh,


But to know at last,


All u did was just the half.

Can accepting someone be this difficult?

You know u can’t live without,


You know u can’t handle doubt,


But to know at last,


Have to leave it all behind and not to face it throughout!                                                         



Yes , this is difficult and much more to keep it within…..                                                             So let me ask God. 

Hey guys , i know u all might love someone but sometimes life creates such situations​ in which you become helpless and curse God for all this. Everyone should remember that if u love someone , it’s definitely not necessary that he’ll also show love to u. Moreover , u should NEVER EVER expect  love from the other side. If u receive it , praise it but if u don‘t , embrace it. If u satisfy to put this condition to your love , then , naturally , God is going to help u, to get to your Love quickly. 

So FEEL without hesitation and LOVE without expectation.

Whispers a girl’s heart.❤